With big dreams, but little in the way of skills, experience or common sense,
George enlists the help of a professional resume writer to help showcase the
real him. Regrettably, the ‘real him’ turns out to be almost entirely made

Find out
how to get
a professional ‘Resume Rescue’
of you own. You can also use the career
resources on Workopolis to craft a resume that shows
what you really have to offer.

See George’s original (mostly
fraudulent) resume.
Also, take a look at the
most common lies on a resume (and what HR actually checks.)

See more of George’s job search gone wrong captured on hidden camera:

Candidate's awkward video resume
Hidden camera - Job Interview gone wrong
Psychic predicts gloomy future for candidates career
Awkward candidate questions strangers in elevator
Hidden camera - Surprise delivery backfires

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