This just in from Statistics Canada: in their most recent job vacancies study, there were 4.8 unemployed people for every open job, down from 5.6 people a year earlier. This decline in the ratio was the result of both fewer unemployed people and more job vacancies.

So despite recent doom and gloom headlines about layoffs and closures, it looks like the competition for workers in Canada was growing at least up until November of last year. Increases in job openings were still outpacing the people available to fill them. (Source: Statistics Canada)

The most in-demand jobs span quite a range of skillsets too. We recently looked at the most in-demand jobs in Canada by sheer volume of job ads. Those tended to be lower wage roles in the service industry. At the same time, there are well-paying jobs out there right now for care-providers, trades men and women, techies, and creative types as well.

Workopolis VP of HR, Tara Talbot was on Canada AM last month discussing these jobs. [Watch the video.]

Here’s a look at some gigs you might not have considered that are hot and high paying right now.

    Mobile applications developer: The need for skilled professionals who can develop applications for tablets and smartphones will only intensify as companies try to keep pace with the growing mobile market. $93,000 and $132,000, on average. [View jobs.]

    User experience (UX) designer: A greater focus on developing compelling and satisfying online and mobile customer experiences is resulting in continued demand for experienced UX designers. $71,000 and $136,500 [View jobs.]

    Marketing managers: Marketing managers play a variety of roles are responsible for a company’s public messaging and communications, from brand audits to advertising, from social media to public relations. At the high end of the pay range, they can earn upwards of $120,000. [View jobs.]

    Corporate trainer: Some jurisdictions in Canada have graduated more teachers than they have available teaching positions. Another career option for educators is as a corporate trainer. The median pay for this role is $55,550 and it can get up to $100,000. [View jobs.]

    Translator – Most companies in Canada make an effort to provide services in both English and French creating a constant demand for professional translators. The median salary for translators is $52,000 a year, and they can earn up to $90,000. The demand is highest in Ontario. [View jobs.]

    In healthcare, it’s not just the doctors who make a decent living. The average wage for nurses is $72,000 a year. Physiotherapists earn $71,000, and Occupational Therapists $74,000. [View jobs.]

All of those positions require a university education. Here’s a closer look at the top ten jobs that hire straight out of university. There are also some high-paying jobs that you can land without a degree. Of course for most some training or certification is still required, just not as exacting as a four-year university program.

High-paying career paths that don’t require a university degree:

    Long distance transport truck drivers were among the most advertised for jobs in Canada last year across platforms. Job ads for transport truck drivers average 55 days online, or almost 8 weeks across Canada, making this one of the positions that it takes employers the longest to fill. +-$42,000 on average. [View jobs.]

    Transit driver: Requirements vary. Toronto’s TTC, which pays $31.40/hr after 24 months, requires a high school diploma, a non-probationary Ontario driver’s licence – Class “G” – in good standing and showing no suspensions. You also must meet all legislated standards governing the issuance of a Class “C” Licence. $29,529 – $63,480 [View jobs.]

    Realtor: According to the Economic Research Institute, realtors make an estimated average of $55,000 a year in Toronto, and $52,000 in Vancouver. But that number is brought down by the fact that many only work part-time. You will need a high school diploma, a real estate training course, and a provincial or territorial licence. Over $105,100 at the higher end of full-time realtors. [View jobs.]

    Construction managers manage the shifts and schedules of the crew, take responsibility for ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget, and manage the day-to-way project site for efficiency and safety. Some companies require bachelor’s degrees, but not all or even most. It’s on the job experience that matters most. $125,000 [View jobs.]

    Which of course leads to the Trades. Equipment Operators, Welders, Pipe Fitters, Electricians, Plumbers – all of these trades are in short supply in Canada. Even when working in cities, these roles can start at 80k to over 100K. If you are willing to work remotely – then the salaries can go up exponentially. [View jobs.]

    Mechanics and Service Technicians are one of the most in-demand jobs right now and they earn an average of $70,000. The real money comes when you add in some business and marketing skills and open your own shop. [View jobs.]

In order to create a powerful and sustainable career path, it is becoming essential to have cross-disciplinary skills: communications + technical wizardry, skilled trades + business acumen, healthcare + management.

This kind of multi-faceted skillset is going to be the key to future success. The best paid and most secure jobs will go to people with solid analytic and interactive abilities, who are able to continually learn new skills in order to adapt along with the evolving needs of the market.

Salary Data is from Statistics Canada (on and Robert Half.

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