Our friends at the staffing firm Robert Half have released their in-depth Salary Guide for 2015. One of the most interesting parts to me was a section calling out trends in starting salaries for this year. Here is a quick look at which fields can expect to see the fastest growing pay cheques – and ten hot jobs to watch for 2015.

Based largely on the thousands of employee placements that Robert Half makes every year, they are projecting an overall average increase of 3.7% for starting salaries in 2015. However, they predict the largest gains will be going to technology workers with starting pay cheques expected to rise by 5.2%.

Starting salary growth by sector

While demand for talented workers is expected to be solid, increasing steadily throughout 2015, there are certain skillsets that are particularly in demand. The Canadian unemployment rates for highly-skilled workers can already be half or less than the national average. This puts them into labour shortage territory. Here are ten hot job titles to watch for in the coming year.

The top 10 jobs for increased demand and salaries in 2015

    +9.5% Mobile applications developer $93,000 – $132,000 [View jobs]

    +7.0% Chief security officer $38,000 – $218,750 [View jobs]

    +6.0% Data Architect $111,000 – $149,750 [View jobs]

    +5.3% Mobile designer $70,000 – $98,500 [View jobs]

    +4.9% Sr. Lawyer $136,750 – $192,500 [View jobs]
    (10+ years’ experience – Small to mid-sized law firm)

    +4.8% Internal Auditor Manager $105,500 – $146,000 [View jobs]
    (Large firms – $250 million in sales)

    +4.7% Business Systems Analyst $105,250 – $124,250 [View jobs]
    (Large firms – $250 million in sales)

    +4.1% Senior Customer Service Representative $43,000 – $52,750 [View jobs]
    (1-3 years’ experience)

    +3.3% Corporate Accountant $44,000 – $58,500 [View jobs]

    +2.9% Content Strategist $69,500 – $89,500 [View jobs]

And from our recent Thinkopolis V: Education Nation, here are the 10 university degrees that earn the highest starting salaries in Canada right now.

Here are ten in-demand jobs that will hire you right out of university.

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