Here’s a look at which job titles currently have the most online job postings across platforms. Since these occupations have the most openings being advertised right now, we consulted Statistics Canada to also learn the average salaries for each of the roles.

Our friends over at Wanted Analytics recently examined the most commonly advertised jobs in the world’s largest English speaking countries: The UK, USA, Canada, Australia and India. They counted the total number of job ads for various occupations on all websites, paid job boards, free classifieds, and government boards. You can see that report here.

The most commonly posted job in Canada is Retail Sales Person. In the US and Australia, it’s Retail Supervisors. (I guess they need more management than we do over there.) Interestingly, ‘retail salesperson’ is also the most commonly held job in North America.

The most advertised job title in the UK is for Registered Nurses, and in India it is Web Developers.

It looks like Sales, IT, and Administrative jobs are in-demand in all the countries examined. Marketing Managers were particularly in demand in each country except Canada where they did not make the top 10 list.

The 10 Canadian job titles with the most online job postings (and what they pay)

    Retail sales people – $24,128 [View jobs]
    Customer and information services representatives $33,700 [View jobs]
    Retail managers $50,000 [View jobs]
    Sales and account representatives $50,000 [View jobs]
    Cooks $25,000 [View jobs]
    Transport truck drivers $41,600 [View jobs]
    Registered and registered psychiatric nurses $72,800 [View jobs]
    Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related occupations $21,840 [View jobs]
    Administrative officers $45,000 [View jobs]
    Computer programmers and interactive media developers $70,000 [View jobs]

Interestingly, the average salary for these jobs is $43,400 – just over $5K shy of the $49,000 national average salary for Canadians. You can look up the average Canadian wages for your role by region across the country based on Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey Data here.

For a look ahead, check out the job titles that are expecting the most increased hiring over the next five years for each Canadian city.

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