How much does it cost to rent an apartment in different major Canadian cities? has created an infographic just so we can see!

The report features rent prices in an assortment of cities in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC – but leaves out the East end of the country.

It’s interesting to note that the price of the three bedroom in Toronto far exceeds that of every other place, including Vancouver, even though the cost of buying a house in Vancouver is much, much higher than in Toronto.

In related news, you can get a three bedroom apartment in Gatineau for $836 a month. Let’s all move.

Here the infographic. You can also see how much it costs to buy a house in every major Canadian city here.

Click on the image to view the full-sized infographic

(Also, we’re aware that it looks like it costs more for a two bedroom in Calgary than a three bedroom. We assume that’s an error. And that the references to both St. John and St. Jon must have escaped a copy editor’s notice. It’s not our infographic. We’re just sharing it and we still think it’s interesting.)