The most effective way to land a job is to use all of the tools available to you to their fullest and of course to make the most efficient use of your precious time.

You already know that Workopolis has full job search functionality and thousands of jobs posted every day – but this website also has some lesser known tools and resources that can make finding your next job a lot faster and easier by doing much of the work for you.


Using these tools means that you won’t have to spend your job search time scouring our site daily for the latest job postings – we’ll bring them to you in real-time. This can free you up for networking, acquiring new skills and other strategies for advancing your career.

Here are six ways for getting the most out of Workopolis.

1. Use the Advanced Search

Although you can quickly conduct a keyword and location job search right off our homepage, using the many options in the advanced search form can greatly reduce the number of results you receive – narrowing them down to just the jobs that are most relevant to you.

2. Create a Job Alert

Once you have conducted an advanced search, you can turn it into a Job Alert that will email you whenever new jobs matching your criteria are posted on our site. That way you can keep up-to-date on the job market and who’s hiring without even having to visit Workopolis. Just check your email for the latest updates.

3. Follow your opportunities on Twitter

For an even faster way to keep informed of the latest jobs that are right for you on Workopolis, follow one of our industry/location specific Twitter handles. These automated Twitter feeds let you know in real-time when new jobs in your field are posted in your region.

4. Facebook your job search

Many people check their Facebook pages every day. Now along with updates from friends and acquaintances, you can also see the latest job opportunities that are right for you – right in your news feed. (You can also choose to receive these updates by email, or just in your Facebook app list.) Simply conduct your search using the new Workopolis My Job Feed Facebook application, and choose how you’d like to be notified of new jobs. We’ll do the rest.

While on Facebook, please remember that 91% of employers screen candidates on social networking sites.

5. Post your resume online

Thousands of employers search the Workopolis resume database for candidates every day. Often they’re sourcing candidates for jobs that are never even advertised. A great way to tap into this hidden job market is to make sure you have a posted resume so that they can find you.

You can control the privacy settings on your resume by making it public, private or anonymous. An anonymous resume allows employers to see your skills and experience, but not your name or contact information. You’ll have the option of accepting or not when they try to contact you. It’s a safe and easy way to let jobs come to you.   

6. Go Mobile

Speed and timeliness often matter in a search, so it’s helpful to see new jobs as soon as they become available. Since you can receive the latest new job postings by email or Twitter, this means they’re available on your smart phone or tablet. Workopolis’ new mobile-friendly version of our site allows you to get all of the information you need about potential opportunities wherever and whenever.

(To see the mobile version of Workopolis – simply visit our site on your mobile device and you’ll be automatically directed to it.)

Another thing I like to recommend is signing up for the Network News, the Workopolis career insights and advice newsletter. It’ll help you keep up the latest news and trends in the world of work, packaged in a highly-entertaining email, every two weeks.


Peter Harris