It’s a new year and that means setting career resolutions. You’ve likely already come up with a few ways to achieve your goals in 2018, but one helpful thing you probably haven’t thought about is a career vision board. Don’t know what that is? A career vision board is a collage that represents your dreams for the future, and helps you use the power of visualization to accomplish your goals.

Sound like something you’d find in a hippie commune? Maybe, but don’t scoff just yet. Many pro athletes have used visualization to improve their game and performances over the years, including Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. This idea, however, has been around for centuries, with many philosophers and writers extolling its virtues. Just consider the following quote from Theodore Roosevelt, a firm believer in the power of visualization: “It is true of the Nation, as of the individual, that the greatest doer must also be a great dreamer.”

Simply put, surrounding yourself with visual reminders of your career aspirations can help you keep your goals top of mind and motivate you to act.

Here are five steps to creating a career vision board.

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