Do you get enough sleep? If so, lucky you.

For the rest of us, here is an infographic with some helpful tips on getting better shut eye.

Not enough sleep, as we’ve discussed before, can result in a host of health problems, including increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and, I recently read, has also been associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s a scary problem to have.

I found this infographic on The Muse today, though it’s actually from two years ago and I can’t locate the original creator. If I could I’d tell them it’s a tad irresponsible to write things like “night sweats are caused by cancer,” which is kind of scaremongering. But at the same time, there are some useful tips in here, such as:

    Avoid alcohol and heavy carbs before bed.

    Don’t sleep with electronics in your room.

    Naps may improve productivity by as much as 30%

Here it is.