Workopolis has created a new way for you to add opportunities to your social networks, the My Workopolis Job Feed application for Facebook. This app lets you keep up-to-date with the job market in your field by seeing what jobs become available right on the page that many people visit every day anyway, Facebook.

You can choose how you’d like to be notified about new jobs – on your Facebook newsfeed, by email or by updates in your apps list. You can use this tool to find jobs and keep informed of new opportunities even if you aren’t logged into your Workopolis account (or if you don’t even have one). Although, to manage your career online in Canada, you should probably have a Workopolis account.

Just go to the app (you can also find it on our wall: and enter your job search criteria. You’ll instantly see the current job openings that match your search. You can select how you’d like to be notified when new opportunities matching your career goals become available.

Now anytime you’re on Facebook, along with keeping up to date with friends and connections, you’ll easily be able to keep an eye on the job market and who’s hiring in your field. Never miss another job opportunity again.

Try out the Workopolis Facebook application today!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a job on the go, visit Workopolis from your mobile device to see our new mobile friendly site.


Peter Harris