We talk a lot about how your online presence and what you choose to post online can affect your career and job search. Here’s an infographic from domain.me that sums some of it up for you.

We know through our own research that a majority of employers (63%) are going to look at your social media profiles. And we know some of the things they’ve seen that have swayed them to hire or not hire a candidate.

This contains more and different information on the subject. Some highlights:

• 83% of HR resources professionals believe that, over the next five years, the recruitment process is going to be more reliant on digital content.

• 61% of HR pros said online content helps them identify red flags with candidates.

• These red flags include risque photos and negative comments about work or employers.

A note on personal websites: The graphic states that one third of HR professionals “agreed that a personal website can provide a competitive edge on the job market,” and that 4 in 10 recruiters would choose the candidate with a website over the one without one. Take this with a grain of salt. domain.me just happens to be in the website business.

While it’s true in many cases that a personal website “can” provide a competitive edge for many, most people probably don’t need one. You need one if you’ve got a portfolio to showcase, if you’re in marketing or design, for example. or if you are a bonafide expert in something. You don’t necessarily need one if you’re a salesperson or a financial manager. And, as we discussed in an article I just published, a blog is only useful if it actually makes you look good.

Click on the image to view the full-sized infographic.

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