Business Insider has just published a map featuring the city or town in every U.S. state with the highest median household income. We thought we should do the same for Canada.

We created this map using data extracted from Statistics Canada’s T1FF table 111-0015, which provides median family incomes for 2012, the most recent year available.

You might be surprised by at least some of this information. For example, while Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa and Calgary have all been called the richest city in Canada at different times in various reports and by various media, none of those municipalities make this list. You might also wonder about notably affluent areas such as Westmount, QC, and Oakville, ON.

Both of these areas are part of the larger Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) of Montreal and Toronto, Brian Murphy of Statistics Canada explains, so their numbers don’t stand on their own. Each of the places on this map is its own CMA.

The median family income includes every type of family, which means all family types, couples, lone parents, and individuals.

The map shows the median income in each Province, as well as the location of the town with the highest median family income for that province.

(Click the map for a full size version)

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