Canadians are continuing to search for jobs outside of their current province in great numbers – 10% of all job searches on Workopolis are for opportunities outside of the user’s current location. This number is much higher, averaging 60% for the Atlantic Provinces and the Territories, and much lower in Central Canada and the West.

Interestingly that number has declined slightly – in 2012, 11% of job searched on Workopolis were for positions located outside of the candidate’s current province. This could be an indicator of (slightly) increased confidence of finding a job closer to home.

Quebec saw the biggest declines, dropping from 24% of searches being for remote jobs in 2012, down to 17% in 2013 and so far in 2014.

Alberta is also seeing considerably fewer people searching for jobs outside of its borders. Back in 2012, 13% of job searches were for remote positions. In 2013 that dropped to 8%, and it has fallen to 7% in 2014.

While historically Ontario was the primary destination for out-of-province job searches, it has fallen in popularity by 20% over the past year. Remote searches for jobs in Alberta have increased by 25% over that same period.

Regardless of shifts in the unemployment rate, people in Ontario continue to have the most confidence in their local job markets – or they’re simply the most attached to their home province. Ontarians conduct the fewest out-of-province job searches of all the provinces – with only 6% looking for job opportunities elsewhere.

Nova Scotians are showing the most confidence in their job market of all the Atlantic provinces, with the lowest level of out-of-province job searches. That being said, 33% of job searches from Nova Scotia are for opportunities in other provinces, with Alberta being the most targeted area.

Newfoundlanders show a preference for staying near the ocean, with the majority of out-of-province job searches targeting nearby New Brunswick.

Saskatchewan has the country’s lowest unemployment rate and that province is actively recruiting candidates from elsewhere in Canada to fill job vacancies. People from Saskatchewan are most likely to look for work at home or in neighbouring Alberta.

Most candidates (57%) who look for jobs in other provinces are doing exploratory searches, reviewing all of the jobs available in the target location rather than narrowing down their search by keywords or industry.

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