Hi there. You may have noticed that our homepage has changed. That’s because Workopolis is changing.

In our ongoing mission to help connect as many Canadians as possible with the opportunities they need to be successful, we are continuously innovating and improving the tools and resources we offer.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new from Workopolis.

Recommended jobs for you

Let us help take the work out of looking for work. When you sign into your My Workopolis account, you’ll see the latest available jobs recommended for you based on your recent job searches and the kinds of roles you’re interested in.

Just create an account and do a few searches so our site can start to form an impression of the jobs that you’re after. Then we’ll show you the latest matching opportunities automatically when you visit Workopolis.

A Workopolis optimized for mobile job searches

The way people look for jobs – and use the internet – has changed, and we’ve changed with it. More and more job searches are now conducted from mobile devices, because you want to find the latest opportunities for you on your own schedule, from wherever you are.

That’s why our new website is becoming mobile responsive. Soon every page on Workopolis will recognize the resolution of the screen you’re viewing us on – and adjust accordingly for optimized viewing.

See who has viewed your resume

Canadian employers look at 16,000 resumes a day on our site – so posting yours gives you the opportunity to be recruited for a job that may not even be advertised to the public. It’s a great way to tap into the hidden job market. Now we’ll even show you which companies have viewed your online resume – so you’ll know if you’re resonating with employers who are relevant to your career goals.

If haven’t already – post your resume on Workopolis today.

Of course there are still other ways that we can help take the work out of looking for work. Here are two easy ways to automate your job search.

Career a job alert

Once you’ve looked for a job on Workopolis, you can turn your search into a Job Alert that will email you whenever new jobs matching your criteria are posted on our site. That way you can keep up-to-date on the job market and who’s hiring without even having to visit Workopolis. Just check your email for the latest opportunities.

Follow your opportunities on Twitter

For an even faster way to keep informed of the latest jobs that are right for you, follow one of our industry/location specific Twitter handles. These automated Twitter feeds let you know in real-time when new jobs in your field are posted in your region.

Another thing I like to recommend is signing up for the Network News, the Workopolis career news, insights, and advice newsletter. It’ll help you keep up the latest news and trends in the world of work, packaged in a highly-entertaining email, every week.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations to help you manage your career. Best of luck with all your career moves!

The Workopolis Team.