While some poor intern schmucks are slaving away for little to no pay, hoping that gaining a little experience will one day lead to a paid position, luckier interns are raking in the dough. Glassdoor has just released a report of the 25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns, and it’s enough to make many people weep, including several with full-time jobs.

The list is dominated by tech companies based in the San Francisco Bay area, which won’t surprise anyone, with interns at Palantir Technologies earning the most money: an average of $7,012 a month, or just over $84,000 a year.

To put that in perspective, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (via Glassdoor), the median household income in the U.S. is $53,046.

VMWare comes in second place for shelling out $6,966 on average per month, and Twitter follows in third place, paying an average of $6,791 a month.

Glassdoor spokesman Scott Dobroski told CNN, “If these great minds go somewhere else, that’s going to hurt them, so they’re willing to pay top dollar.”

The full report is at the bottom of this post.

Wondering how you can land one of these incredible spots? Well, you have to be at the very top of your game. So, tip number one is to be the best there is at what you do. Realistically, 99.9% of people are never going to land an $84,000 internship.

That being said, I consulted Lauren Berger, a.k.a. The Intern Queen, for some tips on landing your dream internship. Here’s what she said:

Apply Early. Many of the top-paying internship programs have application deadlines up 8 months to 1 year ahead of time. Start thinking summer 2014 about the opportunities you want in summer 2015. Always think ahead.

Create Your Intern Queen Dream List. In my book, I talk about the importance of organizing your internship applications. Go over this list of the best paid internships, for example. Go to each company website, review the application information in the career section, put all of this information in one place. Focus on at least 10 companies. It’s important to put all of your internship application information in one place to keep you organized – I call this the Intern Queen Dream List.

Don’t Take No For An Answer. Just because you didn’t land one of these internships this summer, doesn’t mean you can’t land one in future semesters. Search on LinkedIn and find alumni from your school who work at these companies. You can also speak to your career center and alumni center about contacts/relationships your school might have with alumni or professional contacts at these companies.

Think Outside of The Box. Yes, this article highlights some amazing programs – but there are so many more companies out there! Look up these companies competitors and try going to those companies for internships. There are plenty of opportunities available AND plenty of companies that are still looking for interns for THIS summer.

Start Applying ASAP. If you haven’t gotten your summer 2014 applications out the door, work harder! It’s time to start applying ASAP – don’t underestimate the value of an unpaid internship OR a smaller business/start-up. Start your search ASAP.

Now, here are Glassdoor’s Highest Paying Companies for Internships: