For the most part, interviewing is a normal and healthy part of the job searching process. However, not every interview goes as according to plan. We have scoured the depths of Reddit to find some of the most unique interviews that just went wrong. Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and be prepared to learn what not to do on an interview as we look at some job interviews gone wild.

Proper Preparation Prevents Pitiful Poor Performance

A Reddit poster writes:

“The initial screening for a job was that the candidate had to record a 2-minute video response to a prompt (it’s as stupid as it sounds). 5 seconds after I hit record I have to cough, and my throat just won’t clear up. The site did not let me re-record or anything, so my submission was 2 minutes of me coughing and struggling through the response. Safe to say I was not asked to come in for an in-person.”

How to be a rockstar on camera:

When interviewing via webcam or video chat, always prepare as if you were going to be in the same room as they are. Dress in your interview clothes, groom your hair and makeup if applicable, prepare by role-playing a couple interactions before the session, and, for Pete’s sake, have some water on stand by.

Choose your words… Wisely

A Reddit poster writes:

“I had a nightmare interview with a very prominent political consulting firm. My former employer referred me to this firm after I had relocated to another city and they asked me to come in for an interview with two male partners. They began by asking what I thought were innocuous questions: Where do you live? (High-end neighborhood that we happened to find a good deal in) Why did you move? (Husband’s job at X place, which pays a very high starting salary).”

“At the end of the interview, they asked my salary expectations. What I gave was at or under market and completely reasonable. They laughed and said: You live in [fancy neighborhood] and your husband works at [place], why do we need to pay you that? I couldn’t believe that actually happened. I left and cried on the subway home.”

Know what is okay to ask and how one should answer:

While the interview process is designed for both parties to understand one another better, there are some things that are okay for people to inquire about and some things that are better off left alone. The question  “Where do you live?” is suspect at best and downright illegal in some places. Should you be asked this, regardless of its legality in your area, a simple answer of  “I live within a (5,10,15 etc) minute commute.” This information will usually satisfy the perosn’s intentions while protecting your right to privacy.

“Why did you move here”  Still in that gray area in legal terms, but definitely not HR approved.  A simple “ We relocated here for my spouse’s job.” would be the correct answer to give at that point. Now, if the followup is “What do they do?” or “Where do they work?” that is not something you should have to answer anytime in an interview or at work.

Save your Baggage for Traveling

A Reddit poster writes:

“My first interview ever at a medical school was with someone who looked just like my ex. Definitely flustered. And to make matters worse, I spent the rest of the interview day looking for him. BTW, when he said he had a female roommate does that mean it’s his gf?”

Keeping things simple:

It is said that everyone on the planet has a Doppelganger. Chances are this is a situation you may run into while interviewing or even later in the workplace. One of the beautiful things about a healthy work environment is that everyone has to adhere to professional standards. That means the workplace should be free of personal drama from outside the company.

No doubt having to work or interview with someone that reminds you of an ex can be awkward. But letting it affect your performance is a no-no. Not to mention chasing that person down to thrust your dead relationship’s drama upon their innocence. Keep it professional for both party’s sake.


In the End

Interviewing can be a great part of the application process. It can also clue you in to the type of company you will work for or the type of employee you will be hiring. Silly things like tripping or fumbling in an interview are common and should be shrugged off but sometimes these sessions can get downright wacky.

These are only a few stories from recent Reddit post, and there are undoubtedly some crazier stories out there. What is your craziest Interview Gone Wild?




Article update from original January, 20th 2019