As the New Year rolls in and people start settling back into their jobs, some are likely thinking: how do I get out? If the thought of sitting at your all-too-familiar cubicle for another year makes you want to cry, you need to start looking for a new gig.

Luckily for you, Workopolis hosted a Twitter Chat last week and brought in some experts to help shed some light on job search strategies for 2017. Take out a notepad and start making some notes because you won’t want to forget these tips.

Networking is key

It’s no secret that networking is an important component to your career success. If networking is a rather new concept to you, take some time at the beginning of the year to brush up on your skills, especially if you’re an introvert. Try new things like searching the internet for network events in your field. Force yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

Scrolling through your LinkedIn connections is another good place to start. Reconnect with old colleagues, ask them to go for a coffee, or lunch to start with. “Remember the hidden job market. Arrange face-to-face interviews to learn more about the organization you’re interested in,” experts at Lakehead University recommend. Remember, face-to-face meetings are far more valuable than an email.

Personal branding is the way of the future

Without a doubt every expert we spoke with listed personal branding as being key to getting a job in 2017. What exactly is personal branding? Essentially, it’s how you want people to perceive you. Building up your portfolio, cleaning your social media accounts, and launching a side gig are all ways you can start working on your personal brand. Get your name out there and brand yourself as an expert in your field. Who knows, you may just have employers chasing after you if you’ve done a good job.

Don’t limit your options

When searching for your next job, there’s a fine line between knowing what you want and keeping your options open. Experts recommend searching for the company you want to work for as well as the title you’re looking for. As the Director of B2C Marketing at Workopolis, Lana Chen, states, “Why limit your options? Your dream job might not be with your dream company.”

When looking for a job on Workopolis you can easily filter by the company you’re looking to work at or the job title that best suits your skills. Don’t forget to create job alerts either, this way you’ll stay up to date on the latest jobs on our website.

Use technology to your advantage

We bet you have a smartphone. We also bet you carry that smart phone with you everywhere. You really have no excuse not to be applying to jobs at every opportunity. Once you’ve set up job alerts or registered for our newsletters you’ll be all set to job search on the go. It’s the perfect way to pass the time on your commute to or from work.

Marsha Forde, Director of HR at Workopolis notes, “Your phone is always on you making it quick and easy to job search anywhere.” While applying for jobs through your phone is a fairly new phenomenon, there are platforms that help you still look professional while on the go. Use resources like Dropbox or Google Drive to send documents like your resume or cover letters.

If you’re applying to a job from your computer, make sure to take a moment to run the job description through a word cloud generator. This will extract the important keywords hiring managers are looking for and help your resume match the job description. It’s a simple step that could just be the difference between you landing an interview or getting passed by.

Always attach a cover letter

While still a topic of discussion in the Twitter chat, the majority of experts voted you should always send a cover letter. While there remains debate if a hiring manager actually reads them or not, experts in the Durham College Career Centre state, “I won’t consider an application without one unless I’ve already approached the candidate.” If nothing else, it’s another avenue for you to showcase your skills and strengths. Make sure you’re always tailoring your cover letter to the job you’re applying to, and always, always check for spelling errors.

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