Every year at this time I advise my clients and workshop participants who are conducting a work search not to let up now.

Yes, July is a summer month, and yes, people go on holidays. Things do slow down somewhat in the business world. But they don’t stop. This isn’t France or Spain where the whole country goes on vacation, and even they don’t go until August.

And as the latest employment numbers show – the job market is heating up. Since June 2010, employment grew by 238,000 jobs in Canada, and overall employment grew in June of this year by 28,000 new jobs.  

July is the start of the third quarter of the year. Many companies are halfway through the budget year. Companies now know how much money they will have left for those special projects. They have analyzed their first half of the year returns, and some of them will be looking to hire you!

July is an excellent time to get hold of people who are not away. People are more relaxed. It is a great time to conduct Advice Calls or Information Meetings. Remember you still have to appear professional so remember the pantyhose and ties even on hot days. Making a first impression doesn’t take a holiday, companies may dress casual, but not job seekers.

Another advantage to revving up your work search in July is that most people use July as an excuse for not being productive, so you will have a chance to stand out. There is likely less competition surfing the online job sites and pounding the pavement, so your odds of getting noticed improve substantially.

Attend parties and the many festivities throughout the city. Volunteer and meet the movers and shakers who plan the festivals and with other selfless volunteers like yourself. Showing up isn’t enough, though. Assert yourself. People are generally in more receptive and friendly moods in nice weather, so chat up folks with a positive comment about the weather, summer holidays or the great food.

Learn to ask probing but genuinely interested questions about the people who you meet. Look for ways in which you can help them, which is a way of highlighting your skills without blatantly selling yourself.

By the way, it also surprises many people to learn that the second hottest hiring month of the year is December.

Colleen Clarke

Career Specialist and Corporate Trainer


Author of Networking: How to
Build Relationships That Count
and How to Get a Job and Keep It