We spend a minimum of eight hours a day working. That’s a lot of time sitting at a desk in a cubicle. Let’s face it, cubicles and most offices are boring and not really ergonomically friendly. We suffer from bad posture, tense shoulders and necks and the general blandness that is the office.

Even if you work from home, you face similar issues. I freelance at home so I have multiple options, I can work on my bed, my couch or my actual desk. The bed sounds lovely but it doesn’t provide adequate back support. Neither does the couch. That left the desk and chair. If you’re going to spend hours in one location, then there are ways to make it more comfortable.

Personalize It

A little personality goes a long way when you’re stuck at a desk. Put a couple photos of your family or friends. Tack up a few pictures that inspire or motivate you. Buy yourself flowers once a week if you want. All of these help create a welcoming atmosphere for you which leads to more productivity. It can also endear yourself to your coworkers. Just don’t have photos that might be embarrassing or give the wrong impression. Think of it like Facebook, if you don’t want your boss or parents to see them, don’t display them.

Get a Good Chair

As well as a good keyboard and monitor. A good chair helps your posture and supports your lower (and upper) back as you sit. If your current chair isn’t ergonomic, ask your manager if the company would be willing to purchase a new chair. Realistically, unless you have a doctor’s note, this probably won’t happen.

Get Support

If your company won’t buy a chair, then what you can do is invest in back support. Look for words like “therapeutic,” “Lumbar” and “support.” I’ve got the Therapedic Luxury Lumbar Support Pillow and it has helped my posture. Be sure to test before you buy and always address your personal needs.

Other support includes a arm-friendly keyboard and mouse. It’s cheaper than taking medical leave to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re not sure if your space is ergonomic, some companies do have resources than can check. If not, why not suggest it to your manager? Happy people are more productive.


If you like to listen to music or you don’t want to be distracted, investing in headphones or ear plugs can make your surroundings more harmonious.


Other little things like a fan or heater or even a blanket can make your space more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than coming in from a scorching day to end up freezing at your desk because the building has cranked up the air conditioning.

If you’re not sure if your space is ergonomic and are unsure of what changes can be made, some companies do have resources than can check. If not, why not suggest it to your manager? Happy people are more productive.