Apparently the Help Desk Specialist (and self-described “IT nerd”), Gerry Fortuna has had a crush on his coworker Mia for quite some time. In fact, he found her to be “really cute in a beautiful sort of way.” However he never had the courage to tell her face to face.

And so he decided to finally announce it in an email to over 1,000 people.

On his last day of work at Channel 9 in Australia, Gerry sent out a rambling 1,400 word email to all staff to say his good-byes, quote J.R.R. Tolkien, and confess his secret crush on Mia from Finance.

Wrote Gerry: “Now I never had the guts to tell anyone at work what I’m about to say, it would be unprofessional, however I’m leaving so it doesn’t matter, this may or may not come as a surprise to you as I don’t think you ever knew Mia, but now that I’m leaving it won’t matter… I think you’re really cute in a beautiful way.”

Not wanting the other women at work to feel left out, he went on to say, “Now ladies, don’t get your knickers in a knot or jealous I think you’re all beautiful, I’m a single guy and allowed to think these things but I never told any of you until now.”

Unfortunately for Gerry, his crush on Mia particularly remains unrequited. It turns out that she already has a boyfriend. All hope may not be lost though. Australia’s The Daily Telegraph is currently running a web poll to see if readers think Mia should go out with Gerry. Right now nearly 75% of people are rooting for him.

You can read the entire epic farewell email online.

If you’re going to send out an all company email when you’re leaving a job, you should really keep it short. Gerry’s 1400 words are over the top. Just let the team know that you’re leaving, offer them your new contact information, and express what a pleasure it has been to work with them.

Don’t go into a rant about the things that have bothered you or boast about the better job you’ve landed. This is the last impression that many people will have of you. Make it a positive and professional one.

And if you really like the cutie from accounting so much, go over and talk to her already.

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