Travelling with a colleague or boss can be exciting – spending time away from the routine of the office gives you the opportunity for personal growth and to expand your business relationships…but it can also be stressful. In fact, research by for Business reveals that half of us (49%) worry about offending a business associate or client when on a business trip. To help you keep your foot out of your mouth, we asked etiquette experts for their top tips to make sure that business trip with the boss is as painless as possible.

Here’s what they had to say:


Do be punctual
The last thing that you want to do is hold them up! Prepare for the flight, or drive, ahead of time so you arrive to meet them well in advance. Etiquette Expert Elaine Swann

Do handle logistics
Unless told otherwise, handle travel tasks for your boss, such as hailing the cab, making lunch reservations or tipping the hotel staff. Arden Clise, author and president of Clise Etiquette

Do leave personal problems at home
Don’t share very personal information about yourself. You may one day regret giving something away. Best to retain professional boundaries. Arden Clise, author and president of Clise Etiquette

However…Don’t just talk business while on the trip
Remember that this is a good time to connect with your colleague outside of the office. In the West, it’s okay to engage in conversation that has little, if anything, to do with work. Just make sure you don’t cross any personal boundaries and take the lead from your companion.  Etiquette Expert Elaine Swann

Keep an eye on hierarchy

In China, Japan and South Korea, hierarchy should be adhered too. Subordinates should be quiet and attentive to the boss’s needs, speaking only when spoken too – in real contrast to the West! Sara Jane Ho, Director of Institute Sarita

Don’t complain about the company or other colleagues

Don’t complain or gossip about your boss or co-workers – even if it seems safe to do so. Keep it positive otherwise they may start wondering what you’re saying behind their back as well. Arden Clise, author and president of Clise Etiquette

Do remain professional at all times

Be careful to remain professional even though you may be in a more social situation with colleagues. And don’t embarrass yourself and ruin your reputation by drinking too much – even if there’s free alcohol on offer! Arden Clise, author and president of Clise Etiquette

Do show respect

Be deferential to your boss to show respect for their authority. Hold doors, let them lead the way, make sure they get the best or more comfortable seat and allow them to lead the conversation. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to enjoy the special treatment too! Arden Clise, author and president of Clise Etiquette