When we think of today’s living royalty, we think of impeccably dressed, almost mythical creatures who spend their days running from the paparazzi and jet-setting around the world. Perhaps, to give them something to do, they’ll sit on the boards of a few charities and become their spokespeople. The truth is, royal life is hard work. And, if one is not an “official” full-time royal family member, then like everyone else, they have to get real jobs—out of passion or simply just to support themselves at time of changing attitudes towards monarchies.

Here are some members of European royalty who have “real jobs” (in other words, acting, modeling, musician, art gallerist and other sexy, glamourous jobs aren’t counted).

Prince Harry: Currently unemployed, former British Army soldier.

Known as “Captain Harry Wales” in the Army, Harry settled into a desk job as a staff officer after giving up is position as an Apache helicopter pilot so he could spend more time with his (now ex) girlfriend, the aristocrat Cressida Bonas. Update: Prince Harry just resigned! Now he can spend more time hanging out with adorable children at the orphanage he works with in Lesotho.

Princess Beatrice: Currently unemployed, former Sony Pictures staffer.

The 26-year-old Princess Beatrice was only beginning to build her career as coordinating producer at Sony Pictures, earning an alleged £20,000 ($40,000 CAD). Unfortunately, Princess Beatrice was one of the hundreds of Sony employees whose private professional details, including salaries, were revealed during the infamous Sony hack. She had no choice but to resign. Since leaving her job at the beginning of this year, the younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson is “taking a break” to gather her thoughts at exotic locations around the world, including her father’s £13 million Swiss ski chalet and St. Barts, a Caribbean island beloved by the rich, famous and royal. I’m confident she’ll eventually pick herself up by the bootstraps and carry on.

Viscount Linley: Furniture maker and chairman of the auction house Christie’s UK.

Obviously not your typical some-assembly-required bookcases, David Armstrong-Jones, also known as Viscount Linley, the son of Princess Margaret (and nephew to Queen Elizabeth II), is a bespoke furniture maker. Up until 2012, he ran his own high end furniture and interior design business under the brand name LINLEY, before selling it to the heir of a yachting family after some financial challenges arose.

Peter Philips – Former auto marketer, current banker.

The oldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II, Peter Philips (who, along with equestrian sister Zara, did not inherit royal title or courtesy style—their parents’ effort to normalize their lives), loves cars and motorsport. With no royal obligations or duties, he threw himself into his passion, holding positions at Jaguar as corporate hospitality manager, and later, at the WilliamsF1 racing team, as an account manager in sponsorships. After leaving the auto industry, Peter Philips joined management at the Royal Bank of Scotland and then moving on to managing director at SEL UK. Fun fact, Peter Philips is married to a Canadian named Autumn Kelly.

Princess Michael of Kent: Biographer and novelist.

The daughter of Hungarian and German nobility, Marie-Christine von Riebnitz (Princess Michael of Kent) married Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, Prince Michael of Kent. Before her marriage, she was an interior designer and after marriage became an accomplished biographer and novelist.

Prince Joachim of Denmark: Farmer.

After studying agrarian (agricultural) economics at the Classenske Agerbrugskole Næsgaard, Prince Joachim went on to a great career in the military reserves. In order to gain “experience” (yes, even royals need work experience), Prince Joachim worked at the shipping, oil and agriculture company A.P. Møller Maersk Group in Hong Kong and France for a couple of years before putting his education to use owning and running farming and forestry operations.

Sure, these royals most likely have some sort of access to the family vault, but they’ve chosen to go out into the real world and cultivate their passions through meaningful work alongside us average joes. I can courtesy to that.