September 8th, 2011

Meagan Casey, VP of Sales

Greenbelt Environmental, Inc.

1267 Islington Avenue

Toronto, On M3D 7Y5

Matthew Scott
123 Randall Street

Toronto, On M5V 3F9


Dear Ms Casey:

When I read about job for Sales and Marketing Manager for Greenbelt Environmental Products on the site on September 4th I knew immediately this was a position of great interest to me. As the following comparison shows, my qualifications match the requirements of the position very well.

Your Requirements

Marketing/Business development

My Qualifications

Initiated and directed the implementation of a business plan that increased national market share by 300% +.

Developed and maintained successful strategic alliances in a competitive service marketplace with 100+ clients.

Identified and directed the development of a new national service product to meet client expectations.

Academic/Work Experience Hon.B.A. Majors in Psychology, Sociology; CPSA designation

14 years progressive marketing and sales experience.

Sales Management Directed a sales team of 10 to a first-place finish with sales in excess of $12.4M

Led a senior management task force to automate Sales and Marketing Departments with a 3.9% productivity return.

I look forward to meeting with you personally to further explore the contributions I can make
to Greenbelt and how we can build a strong and highly productive sales team.Best regards,

Matthew Scott