Sample of a T-style cover letter

Written by Colleen Clarke
Posted on

September 8th, 2011

Meagan Casey, VP of Sales

Greenbelt Environmental, Inc.

1267 Islington Avenue

Toronto, On M3D 7Y5

Matthew Scott
123 Randall Street

Toronto, On M5V 3F9


Dear Ms Casey:

When I read about job for Sales and Marketing Manager for Greenbelt Environmental Products on the site on September 4th I knew immediately this was a position of great interest to me. As the following comparison shows, my qualifications match the requirements of the position very well.

Your Requirements

Marketing/Business development

My Qualifications

Initiated and directed the implementation of a business plan that increased national market share by 300% +.

Developed and maintained successful strategic alliances in a competitive service marketplace with 100+ clients.

Identified and directed the development of a new national service product to meet client expectations.

Academic/Work Experience Hon.B.A. Majors in Psychology, Sociology; CPSA designation

14 years progressive marketing and sales experience.

Sales Management Directed a sales team of 10 to a first-place finish with sales in excess of $12.4M

Led a senior management task force to automate Sales and Marketing Departments with a 3.9% productivity return.

I look forward to meeting with you personally to further explore the contributions I can make
to Greenbelt and how we can build a strong and highly productive sales team.Best regards,

Matthew Scott


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