Wondering how much money people just like you make? Input your specific information into the table below and see how much Canadians similar to you are earning across the country.

We took data from Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey and created a calculator (thanks to this really smart guy named Shawn in the Business Intelligence department) so that you can see how your income measures up against others of your demographic specifics.

It’s fun to play around with.

Please note that there are locations where certain demographics make $0. This is because Stats Can didn’t have a high enough representative sample in the survey. It’s not a glitch. Also note that all incomes are median, and for people working full time, year round.

We can’t explain every aspect of the outcomes to you. For example: South Asian men, aged 35-44, with a bachelor’s degree or higher, make an average of $66,906 in Canada. But in Newfoundland Labrador, they make, according to the Stats Can data, $204,000.

You can see the tables we used here.


[iframe width=”645″ height=”880″ src=”http://works.workopolis.com/wp/salary-comparison2.html”]

The Vancouver Sun’s Chad Skelton created a similar calculator recently, which is very cool. We decided to create one which also included location, since salaries seem to vary quite widely depending on where you live.

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