I’ve written before about the sometimes non-performance related ways that people end up making more money. Well, there’s a new one in the news this week, and it falls into the ‘some people have it all’ category. New research shows that people who have sex more often also earn higher wages.

An academic report from the Study of Labor in Germany has looked at 7,500 Greek households over the course of a year. Along with other data, the subjects shared how frequently they had sex, what their jobs were, and how much money they made.

It turns out that the magic number is four. Those people who had sex more than four times a week earned significantly more money (5% more) than their less lucky colleagues.

There’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing going on with this. For example, people who earn more money may be more appealing on the dating market and therefore have more frequent access to sexual partners. (It’s hard to date when you’re broke.)

On the flip side, people who are having frequent sex are often happier and healthier than those who aren’t. That state of well-being can lead to a more positive attitude and more confidence at work.

Other stories we have published on the reasons that people get ahead at work and earn more money frequently come to similar conclusions that happier, more confident individuals tend to do better on the job and rise faster through the ranks.

So in conclusion, while having more sex can lead to earning more money – earning more money can also lead to having more sex.

And in the results of the Study of Labor report, “The Effect of Sexual Activity on Wages,” it was also those participants between the ages of 26 and 50-years old who had both the largest paycheques and the most robust sex lives.

The study’s authors were careful to point out that simply going out and having more sex won’t necessarily guarantee you a raise at work. But then again, it might – and really what have you got to lose by trying? You just might get lucky.

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