We’ve crunched some numbers and created a shortlist of ten hot jobs that are hiring in Canada right now. If you’re looking to make a career move in 2015, these professions run the gamut from healthcare to technology, from trades to marketing. So here are some hot job titles to watch – and how to land them.

Here’s how to get hired for a new gig this year:

    Target jobs carefully, don’t just shotgun apply to every open job

    Employers can easily spot a generic application and they usually ignore them. What they want to see is a document that tailors your skills and experience specifically to the job that they posted, and that demonstrates what you can do for them. You don’t get a job through sending out more applications, you get hired through better applications.

    Focus on accomplishments in resumes and interviews

    List your achievements, not your responsibilities at your previous roles. Hiring managers know what job descriptions match your old job titles. The unique and interesting part is what you alone accomplished in that role. What set you apart? What have you done, learned or achieved that can be particularly useful to your potential new employer? Write those in your resume and tell those stories in job interviews.

    Highlight your people skills and your solid work ethic

    Two thirds (67%) of Canadian executives surveyed by Workopolis say that they are having trouble finding candidates with the right attitude, work ethic, communication skills and team working abilities. Candidates can really stand out from the crowd by demonstrating that they have all of those qualities in all of their interactions with employers.

    You can do this by making sure that your resume is well-written and error free. Highlight the times you’ve gone the extra mile in order to accomplish goals. Focus on your collaboration with successful teams. Use the job interview to demonstrate your positive attitude, enthusiasm and work ethic. See: How to demonstrate in your resume the one skill that turns up in 93% of job postings.

Ten in-demand jobs for 2015 (and their average salaries)

    Business intelligence analysts – salaries over $70,000
    Along with actuaries, statisticians, and data miners – math skills are highly in-demand for the year’s top jobs. [View jobs.]

    Mobile application developer – $92,000+
    More and more of the web continues to move to mobile screens, causing the ongoing surge in demand for designers and programmers who can adapt websites and tools for smartphones and tablets. [View jobs.]

    Human Resources Manager – $83,000+
    As companies realize the value of attracting and retaining top talent to ensure innovation and success, Human Resources Managers are playing an increasingly critical role in organizations. [View jobs.]

    Marketing Manager – $80,000+
    Marketing managers play a variety of roles are responsible for a company’s public messaging and communications, from brand audits to advertising, from social media to public relations. [View jobs.]

    Particularly up-and-coming in the marketing field is the demand for skilled writers and communicators in the area of Content Marketing.

    Mechanical and Industrial Engineers $75,000+
    Professionals in this discipline oversee the design, production, and operation of machinery and the manufacture of products and parts. Outlook is expected to grow through 2022. [View jobs.]

    Wireless network engineer – $95,000+
    Professionals who can effectively research, design, implement and optimize wireless networks will be in high demand as more internal infrastructure projects are launched to support the rising use of mobile devices and wireless technologies. [View jobs.]

    Skilled trades $55,000 -$80,000+
    Equipment Operators, Welders, Pipe Fitters, Electricians, Plumbers – all of these trades are in short supply in Canada. Even when working in cities, these roles can pay over 80k. If you are willing to work remotely – then the salaries can go up exponentially. [View jobs.]

    Personal Care Workers – $55,000+
    The need for care workers is increasing as our population ages. People in this role provide support for the elderly, disabled, or those recovering from a serious illness or injury – and their families. [View jobs.]

    Other healthcare careers also continue to show robust hiring and rising salaries, from nurses, to pharmacists to dental hygienists and more.

    Construction managers – $100,000+
    They manage the shifts and schedules of the crew, take responsibility for ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget, and manage the day-to-way project site for efficiency and safety. [View jobs.]

    Information architect / User experience (UX) designer $85,000 – $125,000
    This continues to be a hot job with fewer candidates available than the market demands. UX designers ensure that websites are easy to use, pleasant to visit, and provide visitors with a positive experience. [View jobs.]

The good news is that roughly 20% of Canadian employers surveyed that they plan to increase their workforce in spring/summer of 2015. So things are heating up.

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