Want to increase the size of your paycheque? Make a career move to the west.

Recent reports from Statistics Canada have shown us that Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment rate of all of the provinces, and wage growth in the province was 3.2 per cent in 2013 – the second fastest growing wages in the country.

So we decided to take a look at what jobs pay in Regina compared to Montreal and Toronto, to see if the demand for workers translates into increased pay across industries. It turns out that for a wide range of jobs, people are earning more on the prairies.

  • Construction Managers earn a median salary of $78,000 in Regina vs. $64,000 in Toronto and $67,000 in Montreal.
  • A Human Resources Specialist in Regina will earn an average of $78,000. In Toronto they’ll make $69,326, while in Montreal this job pays $66,000.
  • At $86,050, Registered Nurses make considerable more in Regina than in the other cities we looked at. They’re paid an average of $74,880 in Toronto and $58,469 in Montreal.
  • Secretaries make roughly $40,000 a year in Regina compared to an average of $35,651 in Toronto and $37,440 in Montreal.
  • Senior Managers in Finance and Communications roles make a lot more in Regina. They’re paid an average of $118,186 there vs. $90,000 in Toronto and $76,800 in Montreal.
  • A Biologist in Regina is paid roughly $79,500 compared to the $62,400 they would make in Toronto and $60,000 in Montreal.
  • College Instructors make an average of $80,000 a year in Regina. Over in Toronto it’s more like $64,000, while in Montreal they earn $68,640.
  • Over at the Help Desk, User Support Technicians in Regina earn $62,400 a year. That’s over $10,000 more than the $50,128 this job pays in Toronto and $48,000 in Montreal.
  • Dental hygienists also receive higher compensation in Regina, earning $81,000 a year. The average wage for this role in Toronto is $78,000, and in Montreal it’s just over $60,000.
  • Chemical Engineers are well paid in the West. In Saskatchewan thy can earn over $80,000. This is more likely to pay around $73,000 a year in Toronto and 64,000 in Montreal.

Want to compare the salaries for your job in various locations around the country? The Government of Canada’s Working in Canada website has tons of great information on jobs, employment outlook and wages. Workopolis has compiled the figures above by averaging data located on the Working in Canada website. Figures were last updated in September 2013.

From blue collar to white, from secretary to help desk to manager, it can pay big dividends to look to the west for your next career move.