Despite rising unemployment in a few sectors, competition for workers has been heating up in many high-paying occupations for the past few years.

According to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian salary right now is roughly $50,000 right now. So if you’re looking to bust out of the middle of the earnings range, here are ten jobs available right now on Workopolis that can pay twice that much.

Marketing managers – $124,800

Marketing managers play a variety of roles are responsible for a company’s public messaging and communications, from brand audits to advertising, from social media to public relations. At the high end of the pay range, they can earn upwards of $120,000.

Web Developer – $90,000

While the median pay for web designers and developers is closer to $55,000, the salaries for these roles can reach upwards of $90,000. Seasoned professionals in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver can make six figures.

Construction Manager – $125,000

Construction managers manage the shifts and schedules of the crew, take responsibility for ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget, and manage the day-to-way project site for efficiency and safety.

Financial Analyst – $104,436

Financial analysts often work for investment companies, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses, helping their employer and/or their clients to make sound investment decisions.

Software Developer – $97,000

Software developers create computer programs. Some develop the tools and applications that allow you to do specific tasks on a computer or other device. Others develop the underlying systems that operate the devices or control computer networks.

Data Security Analysts – $124,500

Companies are more and more concerned with online security threats. This makes the people who can analyse, predict and mitigate those risks in high-demand. They can pull in between $83,250 and $124,500, on average.

Creative Director –$102,142

The Creative Director plays a vital role in the Advertising and Media industries. Their responsibilities include leading projects from the strategic concept phase through to actualization, promotion and communication. This job often pays a six figure salary.

Corporate trainer – Some jurisdictions in Canada have graduated more teachers than they have available teaching positions. Another career option for educators is as a corporate trainer. The median pay for this role is $55,550 and it can get up to $100,000.

Information Technology Consultant – $107,993 The IT crowd continue to make decent wages with a median salary of $73,590 and earning over $100,000 at the higher end.

These salaries are based on the most recent data available from the Labour Force Survey by Statistics Canada. You can compare employment outlook and salaries for jobs by location in Canada here.


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