We recently took a look back at some of the best jobs of 2015. They were ranked highly for their outlook, wages, and working conditions. But they weren’t necessarily the roles that saw the biggest raises this year. Some of those jobs may surprise you.

Our friends over at Glassdoor recently put out a list of the jobs that saw the greatest increases in pay this year. What makes their study different from other salary reports is that the data is all user generated. People on their site report where they work, what their job titles are, and how much they’re earning.

Glassdoor then crunched the numbers and does a year-over-year comparison. We expected to see fast growing pay cheques for people with hot new tech skills or advanced engineering degrees. However, the data shows that people in a wider range of occupations are seeing a little more love this year.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to see the salaries inching upwards for food preparers and servers as well as financial and healthcare positions, these have been consistently the roles with the most openings being advertised online.

Ten roles to watch for rising demand and increasing wages

Business systems analyst (the 2015 Canadian average salary is $74,880, a 10 per cent increase over 2014)
Business systems analyst jobs on Workopolis

Security officer ($31,200, 7 per cent increase)
Security jobs available now

Sales consultant ($50,000, 7 per cent increase)
View Sales consultant roles

Pharmacy technician ($36,000, 6 per cent increase)
Pharmacy tech job openings

Barista ($22,880, 6 per cent increase)
Check out some barista job ads

Customer service manager ($50,000, 5 per cent increase)
Customer service manage positions available now

Certified nursing assistant ($51,126, 5 per cent increase)
Nursing assistant jobs on Workopolis

Financial analyst ($69,326.4, 5 per cent increase)
Financial analyst jobs available now

Cashier ($21,944, 3%)
Cashier job openings on Workopolis

Cook ($24,960, 3 per cent increase)
Available jobs for cooks

The Glassdoor report lists more roles with increased pay in 2015. You can read the full details on their blog here.

Workopolis has also reported on the jobs with the most openings in Canada, their average wages, and available opportunities.