We recently set out to identify the jobs that are most in demand. To figure this out, we had to first define what it was we meant by the term “in demand.” Is it just the job titles that have the most postings on Workopolis right now? But what if a single company makes up the bulk of those job postings? You’d have to argue that it is less the job that is in demand, and more that this particular company is hiring.

To work around this, we devised a quick “demand score,” which multiples the number of job postings by the number of employers that have posted it.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 most in-demand jobs and what they pay.

Customer service representative            

Coming in at number one, “customer service representative” has a demand score of 89,430 (with 813 job postings from 110 different empoyers arcoss the country). This is one of four jobs on this list that may be seeing a seasonal increase due to the upcoming holidays.

Salary range for a customer service representative: $23,713 – $45,668

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Administrative assistant

There is almost always a need for administrative help, and a 74, 296 demand score for “administrative assistant” is further proof of this. There are currently more than 500 available administrative assistant jobs on Workopolis.

Salary range for an administrative assistant: $27,893 – $51,040

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Registered nurse

A few months back, we reported that “registered nurse” was the second most in-demand job in Canada during the summer, and this looks set to carry over into the winter. There are currently more than 1,300 available nursing jobs in Canada, spread out over 40 different employers.

Salary range: $45,677 -$87,976

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Sales associate

Seemingly always in demand, “sales associate” generates a demand score of 38,400. There are more than 900 available sales associate jobs from 40 different employers across the country.

Salary range for a sales associate: $21,846 – $42,310

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Sales representative

Currently, there are 79 different employers around the country looking for a sales representative. Obviously, salary depends on region and company, but the position can be quite lucrative – provided you’ve got what it takes to work in sales.

Salary range for a sales associate: $34,674 – $83,099

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There are currently more than 1000 cashier jobs availabe across the country, a number fueled by the holiday retail surge and the needs of major national retailers.

Salary range for a cashier: $21,183 – $29,156

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There are currently more than 80 employers (totallying over 230 available jobs) around the country looking for a receptionist.

Salary range for a receptionist: $24,274 – $40,485

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Project manager

One of the best paying jobs on this list, “project manager” generates a demand score of 14,874, with more than 200 jobs currently available across the country.

Salary range for a project manager: $43,790 – $103,500

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Executive assistant        

Behind every great executive, there’s a great assistant. Do you want to be the man or woman behind the man or woman? Does that even make sense? Who knows. What’s important is that there are now more than 170 executive assistant jobs available in Canada.

Salary range for an executive assistant: $36,268 – $69,275

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Account executive

Account executive rounded out our top ten list, with 462 available jobs and a demand score of 8,778.

Salary range for an account executive: $34,535 – C$76,985

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According to our data, these jobs take approximately 45 days to fill. Administrative assistants positions, however, have a much shorter posting period, averaging just 36 days.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

*Salary ranges posted in CAD, courtesy of Payscale.