When you’re Workopolis, and you’ve been around since 2001, you start to notice a few things. Like say which jobs Canadian employers are most desperately trying to fill at any given time.

So if you’re looking for something new, here are the 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada right now (and what you can earn from each*):

  • Sales associate [View jobs]
    Salary range: $21,253 – $45,189
  • Registered nurses [View jobs]
    Salary range: $44,686 – $86,110
  • Cashier [View jobs]
    Salary range: $20,802 – $29,490
  • Administrative assistants [View jobs]
    Salary range: $27,428 – $50,579
  • Customer service representative [View jobs]
    Salary range: $23,592 – $44,797
  • Project manager [View jobs]
    Salary range: $40,499 – $96,859
  • Sales representative [View jobs]
    Salary range: $31,032 – $82,347
  • Receptionist [View jobs]
    Salary range: $23,898 – $40,420
  • Overnight stocker [View jobs]
    Salary range: $21,151 – $29,421
  • Executive assistant [View jobs]
    Salary range: $35,876 – $68,897

According to our data, these jobs take approximately 45 days to fill. Administrative Assistants positions, however, have a much shorter posting period, averaging just 36 days (*or just over 5 weeks). Job postings that stay up the longest – or which are immediately reposted following the job ad’s expiration – indicate a perpetual need or a difficulty to fill.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!

*Salary ranges posted in CAD, courtesy of Payscale.

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