Here’s a look at the current state of the job market in Canada, which jobs have the most openings right now, and some hot fields for increasing demand.

This morning’s Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada indicated that the country’s economy shed nearly 20,000 jobs in April. However, the country actually gained over 40,000 full time jobs last month while losing over 60,000 part-time positions for that net loss of 20K. So there are more people working full-time again – which is the opposite of what the March Labour Force Survey had shown.

If we look at the longer term trend, rather than the month-over-month numbers, we see that employment continues to slowly increase. Similarly, the full-time / part-time split remains static at roughly 80% of workers holding full-time jobs and 20% working part-time. The overall national unemployment rate remains steady at 6.8%.

Paid online job postings were up by 30% in April of 2015 over April of last year. This continues the slow and steady growth in job openings beings advertised online that we have been watching. Job ads were up 3% in April over March of this year.

Most of the increases were in Ontario and Quebec, as job creation in the West has flattened out. Retail, Manufacturing, Trades, Transport and Healthcare were the sectors seeing the most robust growth.

However, job postings saw year-over-year increases across all sectors last month with Engineering, Education, and Management roles seeing the smallest gains in openings at roughly 10% growth each. The greatest gains for engineering roles being posted online are in the province of Quebec. [View jobs.]

The job titles most frequently posted online right now

The fastest rising job titles for online ads right now

While Workopolis’ own numbers reflect these trends, we’ve also referenced data from our friends at Wanted Analytics for job posting information across platforms including all of the paid job boards as well as government and free classified sites.

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