If the onslaught of pumpkin-scented everything wasn’t enough of an indication, we’ve entered the final months of 2017; a time when the ghosts of past New Year’s goals sneak up to remind us of everything we didn’t quite get to this year.

But if your grand plans for the past year included finding a new job, learning a professional skill, or even taking the leap into a new career, it’s not too late to get going (or get a start on the year ahead).

According to Robert Half’s recently released 2018 Salary Guides, the most in-demand positions in Canada for the next few months are in the IT, legal, accounting, and administrative fields.

Here are the five most in-demand jobs for the end of 2017.

  • Executive assistant (AKA: The Gatekeeper): Executive assistants are the go-to for keeping the calendars and duties of company leaders on track and running smoothly. Beyond screening calls, booking events or meetings, and making travel arrangements, these professionals can be found preparing reports and financial data, training and developing other support staff, and taking the lead on client relations. To land this kind of position, you’ll need strong communication skills to manage multiple projects, personalities, and timelines. Being tech savvy can also be invaluable.
  • Front-end web developer (AKA: The Code Master): Front-end web developers are the reason you can read this right now. They create mobile and web-based applications, while maintaining and enhancing current sites. Professionals in this role need a solid mix of creative and technical skills, because not only do they code and create the functionality of websites, they also work on the design and layout aspects. Experience with CSS preprocessors like Sass and Java Script are necessary for a front-end developer, while work with libraries like jQuery is definitely a preferred skill.
  • Senior accountant (AKA: CPAmazing): Not only does a competent senior accountant have solid communication skills, they’re also excel/financial tech tool savvy, analytical, and very well organized. ‘Senior’ means these professionals have at least three years of experience, a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, and likely their CPA accreditation. Typical duties include preparing financial statements, performing risk assessments, and helping to design and prepare budgets for management to review.
  • User experience (UX) designer (AKA: The Architect): Have you made an impulsive click-to-buy purchase online recently? You can thank a UX designer. They determine the architecture and wireframes that drive how a user (customer or player) should and will best interact with a product or website. Then they hone in on the user’s underlying emotional and functional needs to develop the optimal site flow, creating an enjoyable experience while also supporting business objectives.
  • Law clerk/legal assistant (AKA the Hybrid Hero): The role of a law clerk/legal assistant is two-fold: They conduct independent legal work, while also taking on the day-to day administrative work of a lawyer, assisting lawyers in more complex assignments as needed. eDiscovery and technology skills are increasingly helpful to have in this position, on top of very strong communication and analytic abilities. A day in the life of a law clerk/legal assistant may include helping lawyers prepare for depositions, hearings and trials, obtaining due diligence materials, and organization and file-tracking for important transactions or case documents.

Whatever job you consider pursuing, take the time to do a little legwork. Research responsibilities, areas to grow within the field, and how you can expect to be compensated.  If, after all that, it’s something that excites you, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Good luck!


This article is provided by Robert Half, the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm. Founded in 1948, company has 325 staffing locations worldwide and offers online job search and management tools at roberthalf.ca.