They say money isn’t the most important thing when it comes to finding a job, but a great paycheque doesn’t usually hurt. People don’t usually say, “You know, that’s just too much money. I think I’ll take the other job because it pays less.”

So, if you’re wondering where those paycheques are, Fortune recently released a list of its 100 Best Companies to Work For, and followed it with a list of the 10 companies that pay the most of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. So, these guys pretty much have it all.

The list is U.S. based, but we don’t live in a bubble. You might want to move to the U.S. And a few of these organizations, such as Autodesk and Cisco, have offices in Canada.

Here are ten top paying companies complete with salary information.

Perkins Coie – law firm
Average annual base pay: $181,144
For: Associate

Fortune says of Seattle-based list topper Perkins Coie, “Employees who work at least 25 hours a week receive full medical and dental coverage, as well as a free taxi ride home if they get sick on the job. Furthermore, employees are eligible for up to $5,250 per year in college tuition reimbursement.”

Medical coverage is, of course, a bigger deal in the United States.

Devon Energy – oil & gas producer
Average annual base pay: $165,989
For: E&P Production Professional

Beyond salary, perks at Devon, based in Oklahoma, include but are not limited to matching and topping up 401(k) contributions, free housing for summer interns, free Fitbits, and entertainment and restaurant discounts.

Atlantic Health – hospital operator
Average annual base pay: $143,880
For: Manager

Perks at this New Jersey-based company: Onsite childcare – the stuff dreams are made of, really – and you can bring your pets to work. Also, subsidized cafeterias, and discounted gym memberships.

Cisco – network equipment
Average annual base pay: $138,350
For: Technical Leader

Employees at Cisco, which is based in San Jose, California, also get healthcare coverage for same sax partners and spouses and, if you’re in the military and you get called for active duty, Cisco will make up the salary difference.

NetApp – data storage & management
Average annual base pay: $129,926
For: Engineer

Silicon Valley-based NetApp apparently loves giving out bonuses. Patent bonuses for anyone who patents a new idea range $4000 – $12,000. Plus there are “employee referral bonuses of up to $2,500, and cash bonuses for outstanding achievements that can be given on the spot.” Top performers are offered all-expenses-paid trips to international resorts, with quest.

Autodesk – 3D design software
Average annual base pay: $129,815
For: Principal Engineer

Founded in Mill Valley, California, Autodesk offers flexible hours and the option to work remotely, as well as six weeks paid sabbatical every four years.

Scripps Health – heath care system
Average annual base pay: $124,762
For: Manager/Director

San Diego-based Scripps offers free onsite massage chairs, free counseling, and employee care clinics. They also offer “flexible retirement scheduling, so employees can gradually taper off their work.”

Baker Donelson – law firm
Average annual base pay: $124,008
For: Associate

Based in Tennessee, Baker Donelson offers perks that include dry cleaning pick up and delivery, massage services, and a lending library of books and DVDs. Employees can also cram their 40 hour workweek into four days and take a three day weekend, and are given paid sabbaticals.

Genentech – biotech
Average annual base pay: $123,000
For: Clinical Specialist

San Francisco – based Genentech places a premium on environmentally friendly commuting. Employees can earn $12 a day for walking or biking to work, and $16 a day for sharing rides. There’s also a commuter bus that will pick you up for work.

FactSet Research Systems – data & analytics
Average annual base pay: $106,906
For: Software Engineer

Based in Connecticut, FactSet encourages employees to become chartered financial analysts by offering in-house training, study groups, and cash and equity incentives. Staff also gets free lunch four days a week, a car wash, and massages.

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