Have you ever been reading a book, playing a video game, or watching a movie and thought, wow, I’d love to work at this (clearly) fictional, not at all realistic, but still totally awesome company. It’s ok; we’ve been there. Fictional companies come in all shapes and sizes; some seem like perfection in a well-wrapped narrative while others seem to have been created from our nightmares. Whichever way they skew, they capture our attention and make us wonder what it would be like to work at each.

Here are our picks for the best and worst fictional companies to work for.

The Best:

Company: Monsters Inc.
From: Monsters Inc.

For those readers out there that love working with kids, this one is for you. At Monsters Inc. you’re free to use your talents to do what you do best: make children laugh! It’s fun for you, it’s fun for the children, it benefits society, it’s a win-win for everyone. Obviously, in this case, we’re talking about post-movie Monsters Inc., after they transitioned from screams to laughter. Otherwise, this company might be on the worst list.

Company: Megadodo Publications
From: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Aspiring travel writers, look no further. While you may have dreamed of traveling to Thailand or Argentina or any number of countries across the word, Megadodo Publications will send you to all reaches of the universe. Talk about travelling for work! As long as you avoid the dreaded Vogon poetry, you’ll find yourself regularly on the cusp of adventure. Don’t forget to bring your towel!

Company: Stark Industries
From: Marvel’s Ironman

Be on the cutting edge of technology 24/7, contribute to the expanding world of wearable tech, and watch your work drastically change the world around you every single day. Yes, working at Stark Industries would be a living dream for these reasons and many more (you know, like geeking out on tech all day and working for a boss with a conscience). The only drawback is that, you know, you might get attacked every now and again. Small price to pay.

Company: M.I.B.
From: Men in Black

Well for one, you would finally understand the secrets of the universe. And that in itself is definitely a huge plus. While everyone around you walks around clueless, you alone will carry the knowledge of the world outside of earth. That, plus working as a top secret agent akin to the FBI or CIA can pretty much guarantee you will never have a single boring day at the office. As long as you don’t get neuralyzed, you can expect a pretty fantastic career at the M.I.B.

Company: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
From: Mad Men

With Don Draper and his team of hard-living ad men (and women), the advertising industry has never looked so glamorous. The schmoozing, the creative work, the interoffice fraternizing, this company makes all of us reconsider our career paths just a little bit. Even when things go wrong, somehow they always seem to make it look so classy. Life at the office never felt so alluring.


The Worst:

Company: Umbrella Corp
From: Resident Evil

Besides the impending threat of zombie attacks, Umbrella Corporation is not one you’d want to apply to. Developing everything from cosmetics to biological weapons, it is naturally a rather risky job. Even if they happen to have great medical benefits (which seems unlikely), the secrecy, backstabbing, and corruption make this place a downright toxic work environment. With an employee pledge like this: “Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life,” we can all rest easy knowing we passed on a job at the Umbrella Corporation.

Company: International Genetic Technologies (InGen)
From: Jurassic Park

Long story short, playing God almost never works out the way you want it to. Sure, on the one hand, you get to hang out with dinosaurs all day, but on the other hand, you may just end up as lunch for a hungry prehistoric lizard or two. Sure, it’s kind of like a job at the zoo, but with company management lacking any moral compass, they may just create something that will one day try to eat you. One system crash or silly intern later, and your job has just become running as fast as your little legs can take you.

Company: Weiland-Yutani
From: ‘Alien’ franchise

Forbes estimates that this behemoth of a company has an annual revenue of $59.4 billion. While you may be rewarded handsomely for your time and effort, a job at Weiland-Yutani mostly consists of putting your life at risk in the attempts of weaponizing a deadly alien neighbour – and these neighbours do not want to cooperate. Have higher standards for your search. You’re more than a number, and this company just isn’t interested.

Company: OSCORP
From: Marvel’s Spiderman

Throughout the many renditions of OSCORP we’ve seen in movies and comics, one thing has always been clear – it is not a place you want to work. Along with the potential risks of getting caught up in your super villain boss’ evil plans, you run the risk of becoming a super villain yourself! Generally bad stuff happens at OSCORP and either you’re going to hear about, be a part of it, or just get completely ignored.

Company: Dunder Mifflin
From: The Office

Now some of you might be thinking, really? Dunder Mifflin on the worst list? But really think about it. Sure, the characters are hilarious, but aside from the mind-numbing uneventfulness of the job duties themselves, having Michael Scott as your boss is its own reason to say no to this underwhelming office job. Could you imagine working under a man seems to lack the capability for logical reason, empathy and even human decency. Do you really want a boss like him?

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