Just this week, CareerCast released its annual list of the best part-time jobs in North America for 2015. These jobs were rated by wages and hiring outlook through 2022 as well as the quality of the jobs measured by physical demands and stress level. Here are the details of their jobs rating methodology.

CareerCast aggregates job opportunities and information from U.S. and Canadian career classified sites. Part-time roles are defined as jobs that could be worked for fewer than 35-hours a week.

Accountants, Delivery Truck Drivers, Graphic Designers and Writers and Proofreaders are ranked among the best part-time jobs to have in 2015. High tech jobs such as Computer Programmer and Network and Computer Systems Administrator also made the list.

The ten best part-time or temporary jobs of 2015:

    Accountant – Median hourly wage in Canada in Canada: $ 29.00 [View jobs]

    Computer programmer – Median hourly wage in Canada in Canada: $33.33 [View jobs]

    Delivery driver – Median hourly wage in Canada: $15.20 [View jobs]

    Graphic designer – Median hourly wage in Canada: $22.43 [View jobs]

    Management analyst – Median hourly wage in Canada: $32.31 [View jobs]

    Market research analyst – Median hourly wage in Canada: $30.52 [View jobs]

    Material movers – Median hourly wage in Canada: $16.00 [View jobs]

    Network and computer systems administrator – Median hourly wage in Canada: $28.00 [View jobs]

    Proofreader/Copy maker – Median hourly wage in Canada: $21.00 [View jobs]

    Writers/Authors – Median hourly wage in Canada: $27.32 [View jobs]

Wage information from Statistics Canada.

Not every organization needs or can afford a full-time IT staff, so retaining part-time professionals for technical maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades can be a smart alternative. Many contract computer programmers and network/computer systems administrators can earn a living from part-time assignments, or they can focus on supplementing their income by taking on part-time clients.

For employers in industries that experience seasonal rush periods, part-time and temporary hires are can be essential to meeting the demand. For instance, accountants are in high demand every spring before tax time, and delivery truck drivers have extra opportunities around the holidays. Businesses with large inventories and seasonal changeovers can meet demands at busy periods with temporary or part-time material movers.

“The best part-time jobs include traditional part-time jobs, seasonal jobs, freelance and consulting employment,” says Tony Lee, publisher, CareerCast. “Turning part-time or contract work into a full-time business is one way in which professionals in struggling fields have overcome slowed hiring.”

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Source: CareerCast, The best part-time and temporary jobs for 2015


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