There are a lot more factors to consider when deciding whether to accept a job offer in another province than the job itself. The cost of living in the community where you will live is a big factor, affecting how far your pay cheque goes and the after-work activities you can afford. Cost of living in Saskatchewan cities is lower in comparison to many other cities across Canada. Matched with strong job prospects and higher than average wages, Saskatchewan is attracting job seekers from across Canada.

The Royal LePage House Price Survey for the second quarter of 2015 documents a range of housing prices across the country. Houses in Saskatchewan’s two largest cities, Regina and Saskatoon, have a lower average price than in many other cities across Canada. Below is the average purchase price for a detached bungalow in nine major cities. The average prices vary depending on the area of the city, so we have provided the low and high average costs.

    Regina – $320,000-$337,000
    Saskatoon – $334,000-$374,000
    Calgary – $372,500-$650,000
    Vancouver Area – $510,000-$1,577,000
    Winnipeg – $283,670-$483,721
    Toronto Area – $465,000-$1,155,000
    Ottawa – $335,000-$417,000
    Montreal Area – $259,750-$335,500
    Halifax – $280,000-$319,500

    *Source: Royal LePage House Price Survey, Q2, 2015

While housing is one component of living costs, there are many other considerations. Below is a comparison chart that factors in costs such as utilities and taxes for a family averaging $75,000 in income. As you can see, Saskatchewan leads the pack in terms of affordable family living.

*Source: Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance, March 2015.

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