Can you be happy and make a lot of money? Of course.

The people at CareerBliss have compiled a list of the jobs that pay the most and that they say have the highest happiness ratings, according to people surveyed.

Business Insider reports that CareerBliss created the list by analyzing more than 50,000 independent company reviews from 2013 and 2014. The jobs were rated by employees across the US on factors presumed to affect happiness. These include:

  • relationship with boss and coworkers
  • workplace environment
  • job resources
  • compensation
  • growth opportunities
  • company culture
  • company reputation
  • daily tasks
  • control over the work performed on a daily basis

The factors were rated on a five-point scale and the numbers combined to find an average happiness rating, a.k.a “bliss score.” Salary was then factored in and – voila! – a list of the happiest, high-paying jobs.

This list differs from CareerBliss’ unhappiest jobs of 2014, and numbers 6-10 rank higher on the “bliss score” than the No. 1 happiest high-paying job. In fact, most of CareerBliss’ happy and unhappy jobs seem to rank a “bliss score” of between 3-4, or 60%-80%. A large enough discrepancy to be sure, but there’s a fair amount of overlap and even the unhappiest of the unhappy, Security Guard, ranks a score of 3.010, or 60.2%, which isn’t all that unhappy.

So, maybe you shouldn’t put too much stock in these lists. Still, they’re fun.

At the end of the day, you’ll be happy doing what suits you and what you’re good at. And if you can make a lot of money doing it, you’ll be even happier. I, for example, would be miserable as a loan officer.

With that in mind, here is the whole list of Happiest High-Paying Jobs with their “bliss scores” and average salaries: