What matters to you most about a job? Salary? Happiness? Would you be surprised if I told you one has little to do with the other?

Yes, we’ve all heard the “money can’t buy happiness” clichés, but don’t we all sort of secretly suspect they’re a load of bull? Well, according to at least one list they’re not.

Career Bliss and Business Insider recently teamed up to create a list of the Happiest Jobs in America. And it might surprise you.

Career Bliss examined 57,000 employee evaluations across more than 450 different job titles and rated how they felt about their jobs on a scale of one to five, using eight factors: work-life balance; relationship with coworkers; work environment; job resources; compensation; growth opportunities; company culture; and daily tasks. Business Insider reports that The final measure of job satisfaction, a “bliss score,” was given on a scale of one to five (one being the least happy and five the most happy).

According to Business Insider, “Overall, among the positions that ranked as the happiest in the nation, employees rate their bosses and colleagues as the best part of their jobs. They also give high marks to job freedom, which generally refers to the amount of flexibility employees have in how, when, and where they get their work done. Concrete factors like human resources and compensation get more lukewarm reviews.”

In other words, relationships matter. And money matters much less. In fact, only one job on the list pays over $80,000 and only two pay between $70,000 – $80,000. The No. 1 happiest job pays by far the least.

That No. 1 job is teaching/research assistant. With a “bliss score” of 4.125 and an average salary of just $33,600, research/teaching assistants apparently won the race by a “longshot.”

Career Bliss says, “Though these employees aren’t paid much, they love everything from the people they work with to their organizational culture and work freedom.”

Is it enough to make you rethink your priorities?

Here are the top 20 Happiest Jobs with their “bliss score” rankings and salaries.

20. General Manager (Retail)
Bliss Score: 3.83
Average salary: $65,400
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19. IT Consultant
Consultant jobs on Workopolis

18. Property Manager
Real estate and property management jobs on Workopolis

17. Network Engineer
Network engineer jobs on Workopolis

16. Finance Manager
Finance manager jobs on Workopolis

15. Designer
Designer jobs on Workopolis

14. Contractor
Contractor jobs on Workopolis

13. Marketing Consultant
Marketing consultant jobs on Workopolis

12. Facilities Manager
Facilities manager jobs on Workopolis

11. Construction Manager
Construction manager jobs on Workopolis

10. Team Leader
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9. Intern
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8. Software Engineer/Developer
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7. HR Manager
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6. Controller
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5. Sales Representative
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4. Loan Officer
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3. Realtor
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2. QA Analyst
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1. Research/Teaching Assistant
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