Ever wonder if you could make more money in a different city (or province)? Well, wonder no more.

We checked out Statistics Canada for the highest median total incomes across the country, and this is what we discovered:


Canadian cities with the highest salaries

Here’s a closer look at median salaries across the country, and how they’ve changed over a five-year period:

If you’re keeping score, these are the highest median total income, by city and territory:

  • Northwest Territories – Median total income: $117,100
  • Calgary – Median total income: $104,410
  • Yukon – Median total income: $100,130
  • Regina – Median total income: $97,940
  • John’s – Median total income: $96,320
  • Oshawa – Median total income: $92,080
  • Victoria – Median total income: $89,640
  • Gatineau – Median total income: $88,200
  • Halifax – Median total income: $85,940
  • Winipeg – Median total income: $81,880
  • Saint John – Median total income: $77,730
  • Nunavut – Median total income: $67,860


Before you get on a plane to the Northwest Territories, why not check out our post on making a move for your career? You might also find it interesting to find out the best (and worst) cities in Canada for commuting.

Happy job hunting!


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