We all know that programming skills are in demand right now, and will continue to be in the future. They dramatically increase your job market value. I wish I had programming skills.

By how much do they increase your value? That depends on what skills you possess, your level of experience, and where you live, among other things.

Compass has created this infographic showing the highest paid tech skills, job titles, locations, and more. Compass conducted a survey of startup executives, and used information from Elance-oDesk, Toptal, Glassdoor, Angellist and Payscale.

Some takeaways: Software Architects and Data Scientists are among the top paid job titles, while C++ and Python top the list of high paying languages. I found it surprising that freelancers and consultants are the worst paid, according to Compass, while startups actually pay the most.

Here’s the infographic.

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