Business Insider has published a list titled The 20 Highest Paying Jobs For Women.

I don’t usually tend to think of professions in terms of gender division, but it seems I’m wrong. There are very clear male and female dominated areas. For example, according to the National Post, Fire Services is 94% male, Solid Waste Management 91% male, and Children’s Services 92% female. Tech, meanwhile, is 70% male, and PR is about 70%-80% female.

Also, someone somewhere (often on the internet) is always reminding me that men are still paid more than women – even in female dominated industries – and 95% of Fortune 1000 company CEOs are male.

Business Insider says its list, created by PayScale, features positions that are at least 40% filled by women.

Ten of the 20 jobs are healthcare related, and healthcare positions fill the top spots, with Obstetricians/Gynecologists making the most at $195,600. That’s followed by Psychiatrists ($177,400) and GPs ($148,700).

Non-healthcare jobs on the list include Vice President, Human Resources, and Information Architect. Down at the bottom, the lowest-paying high paying job for women is Associate Media Director, which pays $88,700.

The median pay reported is the total cash compensation for female workers with 5-8 years’ experience, says the infographic of the list, posted below.

Forbes also made a very different list of the Top 20 Best-Paying Jobs For Women 2014 back in March.

That list features different professions and the salaries listed are significantly lower than Business Insider’s at the high end. They are also not professions in which women hold 40% of the jobs.

To create its list, “Forbes analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracking the median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers in 2012, broken down by gender and occupation.” Along with salary information, Forbes listed how those earnings measure up against men’s earnings in the same jobs.

Here are the top five from Forbes’ list:

    1. Chief Executive
    Median earnings: $94,172
    Women as percentage of the profession: 21%
    Earnings as percentage of men’s earnings: 80%

    2. Pharmacist
    Median earnings: $93,704
    Percentage of the profession: 54%
    Percentage of men’s earnings: 86%

    3. Lawyer
    Median earnings: $81,432
    Percentage of the profession: 35%
    Percentage of men’s earnings: 79%

    4. Computer and Information Systems Manager
    Median earnings: $80,548
    Percentage of the profession: 29%
    Percentage of men’s earnings: 88%

    5. Nurse Practitioner
    Median earnings: $80,028
    Percentage of the profession: 89%
    Percentage of men’s earnings: data unavailable

To see where women are making good money, check out the rest of Forbes’ list here, and Business Insider’s graphic below.

Does this information seem about right to you?

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