We all want to know where the money is, so Career Cast has released a list of the “highest paying jobs of 2015.”

You’re not gonna believe this but the top three are in healthcare. These are surgeon, psychiatrist, and general physician. I know! Shocking.

Still, there were actually a couple on the list that did surprise me. Air traffic controller came in No. 9? Hey, that’s one of our high paying jobs that doesn’t require a university degree! Exciting. Most do require a degree though.

Other non-healthcare positions that pay top dollar are Corporate Executive, which is so vague it seems kind of weird to include it, petroleum engineer, and data scientist.

Take a look at the top ten list. I adjusted the salaries to Canadian dollars.

1. Surgeon

Annual Median Wage: $460,703

[Healthcare jobs on Workopolis]

2. Psychiatrist

Annual Median Wage: $237,899

3. Physician (general practice)

Annual Median Wage: $235,675

4. Corporate executive (senior level)

Annual Median Wage: $226,702

[Chief Executive jobs on Workopolis]

5. Dentist

Annual Median Wage: $191,413

6. Petroleum engineer

Annual Median Wage: $170,105

7. Orthodontist

Annual Median Wage: $168,875

8. Data scientist

Annual Median Wage: $162,388

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9. Air traffic controller

Annual Median Wage: $160,020

10. Pharmacist

Annual Median Wage: $158,203

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