Looking for the best-paid jobs in the world? Look no further.

The Brighton School of Business Management has released a handy infographic listing those jobs. Now you can choose from among the top paying professions on the planet and get rich. (Actually, it seems that becoming a millionaire has more to do with saving than earning. But earning is a good start, right?)

So, what are these super-duper jobs?

The top five – in descending order of earnings – are medical, directors and CEOs (obviously), banking, legal, and software engineering.

This is pretty close to the list of highest-paying Canadian jobs.

The highest-paying dangerous job is coal mining.

The graphic also lists salaries by country. So, we learn that the average income in Australia is 48,000 pounds – or CA$88,000 – and the average German income is 50,000 pounds – CA$91,000. That seems awfully high, considering that the average salary in Canada $928 per week – or just about $48,250 a year. Maybe it’s time to move.

Check out the infographic below from our friends at the Brighton School of Business
and Management