The Conference Board of Canada has released a report ranking the best places in Canada to live and work. 50 cities and towns were given a grade from A to D representing how attractive they are as destinations for skilled workers to choose.

One of the key indicators the report looked at for evaluating cities was the rate of economic growth.

On that measure, the momentum seems to be in Saskatchewan. The Canadian city with the fastest economic growth is Regina, and Saskatoon isn’t far behind, coming in third of the 50 compared.

The two Saskatchewan cities came in eight (Regina) and twelfth (Saskatoon) on the overall ranking of 50 Canadian cities. This gives them a B rating according to the Conference Board and notes that they show “magnetic appeal” as destinations for skilled workers to consider relocating to.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, the top 13 cities to live in are Waterloo, Calgary, Ottawa, Richmond Hill, Vancouver, St. John’s, Edmonton, Regina, Burnaby, B.C., Markham, Victoria, Saskatoon and Toronto.

With a red hot economy, growing population, and low cost of living, Saskatchewan is rapidly rising in the ranks of Canada’s top places to live and work. In fact, Saskatoon has climbed 18 spots in the rating from 30th to 12th since this report was last issued only four years ago.

With record-breakingly low unemployment, job opportunities are available across a wide spectrum of industries in Saskatchewan right now: from blue collar to white, from high finance and high tech to skilled trades and construction. “One of the cool things about Saskatchewan,” said Jim George, acting president and CEO of Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA), “is that we have quite a diverse economy.”

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