Career Cast has released its list of the most endangered jobs of the year.

We know the career landscape is changing as technology is affecting almost everything. Even if your job does continue to exist, there’s a good chance it will be a completely different job five or ten years from now. But for the folks in these 10 jobs, well, maybe it’s time to consider a career change.

The list isn’t surprising for the most part. We know mail carriers are less in demand than they once were as we are turning away from snail mail – and just when you thought online shopping might save them, the drone was introduced. That’s the No. 1 most endangered job, followed by meter readers, which has moved into second place from last year’s third, switching spots with farmers, who now have the third most endangered job. Technology, Career Cast explains, mas made it easier to accomplish more with fewer hands on farms. International trade also likely plays a big role.

Employment on farms has plummeted in the last few decades, with the number of farms in the United States dropping by 400,000 between 1982 and 2012. The percentage of farmers in the workforce is expected to decline by 19% from 2012 through 2022.

Meanwhile, travel agents and tax collectors, which were among last year’s endangered jobs, have totally dropped off this year’s list, while jewelers and insurance underwriters make an appearance. I’m not entirely clear on whether this means travel agents are making a comeback.

Newspaper reporters still have a bleak outlook, as we consume more and more online Content. Flight attendants are also facing a dim future, which seems weird, since there are so many people flying everywhere. But, apparently, “downsizing in the airline industry and the resulting consolidation of staff means fewer opportunities for flight attendants.”

The jobs were chosen based on “hiring outlook and the changing economic landscape.”

Here are Career Cast’s 10 Most Endangered jobs of 2015:

Mail Carrier
Projected Growth Outlook : -28%
[Delivery jobs on Workopolis]

Meter Reader
Projected Growth Outlook : -19%

Projected Growth Outlook : -19%
[Farming jobs on Workopolis]

Newspaper Reporter
Projected Growth Outlook: -13%
[Arts and media jobs on Workopolis]

Logging Worker
Projected Growth Outlook : -9%
[Skilled trades and labour jobs on Workopolis]

Projected Growth Outlook: -10%
[Jeweler jobs on Workopolis]

Flight Attendant
Projected Growth Outlook : -7%
[Hospitality and food service jobs on Workopolis]

Drill-Press Operator
Projected Growth Outlook : -6%
[Skilled trades and labour jobs on Workopolis]

Insurance Underwriter
Projected Growth Outlook : -6%
[Insurance jobs on Workopolis]

Projected Growth Outlook : -4%