What’s the weirdest job title you’ve ever heard?

Tech Vibes has a list of what are supposedly “the 10 most unusual job titles in Canada,” according to LinkedIn. They are as follows:

    Maple syrup coordinator: “A project coordinator for maple syrup production.”

    Polo referee: Self explanatory, one would think. But explained as “An official who arbitrates polo matches.”

    Archeobotanist: “An academic who studies plant remains from archeological sites.”

    Harpist: Also, self explanatory, I would have thought. But apparently not. Described as “A musician who plays a harp.”

    Wildlife technician: “Someone who assists scientists working in wildlife management and animal biology.”

    Forest rehabilitator: “A person who works to halt or reverse forest degradation and logging.”

    Mahout: “Someone who keeps and rides elephants.”

    Astro-numerologist: “A person who deciphers numbers and planetary movement to explain and/or predict events in people’s lives.”

    Pet stylist: “Someone responsible for maintaining pets’ appearance and hygiene.”

    Corn detasseler: “A person who removes the pollen-producing flowers from the tops of corn plants and places them in the ground to cross-breed two varieties of corn.”

OK, I guess most of these are “unusual” as in “not common,” but they’re not exactly super weird or odd, which is what I actually expected from the article title. Polo matches need referees, forests need to be rehabilitated, some people like their pets styled, and…harpist? Really? Is that even remotely unusual? I guess “maple syrup coordinator” is kind of amusing.

Continuing on the theme, my boss Peter Harris once rounded up a list of the top 10 strangest job titles posted on Workopolis. These were:

    Full Time Wiener Peeler: To peel wieners at a meat company. Full time.

    Erection Superintendent: For a construction company. Get your mind out of the gutter. Actually, these people know they’re being funny. The company is called “Mammoth Erections.”

    S&M Coordinator: Either whoever posted this job for a Sales & Marketing Coordinator should have rethought their abbreviation, or they were being funny.

    Shaft and Hoist Specialist. While this is apparently a common job in the mining industry, he thought it sounded funny.

    Bung Hole Borer: The person in this role works in wooden furniture repair. You’re probably noticing a pattern by now. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but my boss is actually a 12-year-old boy.

    Chick Sexer: This person determines the gender of baby chickens.

    Expert Upsetter: Peter says his wife thinks he’d be perfect for this (but it’s actually a job setting up and operating a closed-die forging machine.)

    Cheese Manager: I don’t see what’s so unusual about this. Someone has to manage the cheese.

    Ghost Hunter: This was a job posted for someone to hunt ghosts for a reality TV show.

    Manager, Mints & Innovation: For a candy company looking to get more innovative with their mints? Or a coin maker? Our previous article doesn’t actually have the answer.

Finally, back in 2013, Business Insider ran a list of the 50 weirdest job titles as shared by recruiting firm Coburg Banks. I picked what I think are the top 10. I don’t know what any of them actually are:

    Master Handshaker
    Creator of Happiness
    Happiness Advocate
    Second Tier Totalist
    Actions and Repercussions Adviser
    International and world-wide optical and vision-focused tenured professorship
    Change Magician
    Chief Biscuit Dunker

I kind of want that last job, provided it’s not some attempt at a clever metaphor for marketing or something, and actually does involve dunking biscuits for a living. But we will probably never know.

What the strangest job title you’ve ever heard?