Does your Myers Briggs personality type predict how much money you will make? Yes, claims a new report from a company that offers Myers Briggs type tests. Truity Psychometrics has apparently crunched some numbers and found that ENTJs are raking in the most income out of all the available types.

If you’re not familiar with the Myers Briggs test, it’s a test that purports to tell you what sort of person you are based on a selection of multiple choice questions that supposedly measure your balance of the following:

Extraversion vs. Introversion
Sensing vs. Intuition
Thinking vs. Feeling
Judging vs. Perceiving

The results are that you are assigned you a “type” based on these “dimensions.” I, for example, according to this free test here, am an ENFJ (“N” is for iNtuitive, because “I” is for “introvert” – something I am not.)

I don’t know how accurate it is, since I get something different every time I take it – I forget what I got last time – and the questions are all the sort to which I could say yes and no (I enjoy both being the centre of attention and letting others take the spotlight. Sometimes I like crowds, sometimes I don’t. I’m a wildcard that way.) And some people say the whole thing is useless.

So, take it for what it is – amusing.

If you care to know your type, you can take a Truity test or use the one I did. Then you can see how much money you’re supposed to be making.

Truity asked survey respondent for their yearly income and came away with 1,505 answers of users over age 21. The results show a pretty large difference between the highest and lowest earning types – $77K at the top vs. $32K at the bottom – with extrovert types sitting in the top two spots.

According to the report, “Our findings are consistent with previous studies in that ENTJ [Extravert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging] appears near the top of the income chart, although our measures put income among ESTJs slightly ahead. The top of the chart is dominated by Thinking Judging (TJ) types, while Introverted Perceiving (IP) types make up the bottom of the income scale.”

Here is Truity’s graph of what people are making by personality type, as well as by dimension.


They also looked at job satisfaction. 2,053 respondents answered the question, “How satisfied are you with your job?” and the results of that section are below. In this case, ENTJs move down a few spots, while ESFJs (Extravert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging) say they’re most satisfied.


Read the full report here.

Obviously your personality is going to affect every aspect of your life, career included. Is this an accurate measure of that? Who knows?

What do you think? Take the test, then come back and tell us.

How your personality type affects your career, education, and income

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