Want the job? Post pictures of yourself on Facebook doing charity work.

We know through our own research that a majority of employers are going to look at your social media profiles. (Workopolis surveyed 355 Canadian employers in March of this year.)

More than half, (63%) told us that they do look up potential candidates online and check out their social media profiles before making a hiring decision. Their main motivations are that they want to see if candidates are creative, articulate, and if they would be a good fit with the team.

We also asked the participating Canadian HR professionals and hiring managers whether they had ever seen something on a social media profile that moved them to not hire a candidate. Nearly half of respondents, 48%, said yes. Thirty-eight per cent also said that they had seen something that had moved them to hire the candidate.

Overall, the behaviours that turned employers off were pretty expected, and centered around things like drinking, drug use, and “Inappropriate” dress, while the behaviours that turned them on (if you will) were focused on kindness and charity. The lesson? Volunteer, and post pictures of yourself doing it.

Here are 20 examples of the things that swayed them for or against.

    Ten things employers saw in social profiles that made them want to hire that person

    “Community participation, charitable service.”

    “Athletic accomplishments – Marathon runner lending credit to traits like perseverance and commitment.”

    “Giving back to their community.”

    “A recent candidate had not included their volunteer service on their resume but from reviewing their social media it was apparent that they were a strong supporter of charitable organizations in the city. That tipped the scale in my hiring decision between that candidate and another.”

    “Volunteer/charitable involvement.”

    “Articulate, professional and tastefully creative content.”

    “Thoughtful posting of articles.”

    “The candidate looked very friendly and it made us want to contact her.”

    “Pictures of volunteering or being a great parent.”

    “Kindness, compassion towards humanity issues.”

    Ten things employers saw in social profiles that made them not hire that person

    “Negative comments about previous employers.”

    “Saw a post that they were going out drinking at the same time as their scheduled employment interview, which they obviously didn’t show up for. Needless to say they didn’t get the job.”

    “Drinks in hand, partying in a bikini, comments on pictures using profanities, comments about hating the 9 to 5 grind.”

    “Suggestive photos easily visible on Facebook. Not the image we want for our company.”

    “A young man who had presented himself as very clean cut and well mannered had pictures of himself and his friends engaged in a fistfight with another group of individuals. The comments were outrageous targeting the other group based on race and economic status.”

    “Sexist postings objectifying women.”

    “Very angry face on the profile picture.”

    “Inappropriate posts that were opinionated and ill informed. Candidate did not get to interview stage.”

    “The person’s profile had many pictures of them engaging in illegal drugs.”

    “A personal website dedicated to the promotion of their personal belief in an impending alien apocalypse.”