So, say you’re a sexually harassing sleazebag of a boss and you can’t get one of your employees to have sex with you. Do you:

    a) Rethink your life, get professional help, apologize for your actions and go live out your remaining days on an ashram

    b) Fire the employee via text message outlining clearly that the reason she’s getting the sack is because she wouldn’t get jiggy with you

Those are the only two options. You have to pick one.

Well, a former Long Island limo dispatcher alleges her boss took door number two in what has to be the worst thought out firing tactic we’ve ever heard around here.

The New York Post reports that the married male company manager told the female dispatcher he was firing her because she rejected him.

Geralyn Ganci, 32, reportedly sued Raymond Townsend claiming she was fired for repeatedly refusing his sexual advances, which she says caused her extreme emotional distress that ultimately landed her in hospital. Ganci says the harassment took place despite the fact that Townsend’s wife worked in the same office.

Ganci claims she received a text message saying she was fired in 2009 because she “refused to have sex with the general manager,” reports the Post.

In good news, the courts ruled in her favour and this week Townsend was ordered to pay 700,000 in damages and legal fees.

These is so much wrong with this story.

Don’t sexually harass your employees, don’t fire them because they don’t want to have sex with you and – I feel this should go without saying but apparently it doesn’t necessarily – if you are going to do those things, don’t put in written communication that the reason the employee is fired is because you are an amoral horndog. This guy isn’t even a good villain. He’s terrible at everything.

So, there’s your career lesson for the day. Jeez.

Dumbest manager ever? Let us know if you can top it.