Typically, if a job seeker is all about saying “I, I, I” then most people would argue they are taking the wrong approach – nobody likes somebody who is so self-centered. In this case, we are coming from a different angle. We have summed up the some of the most important job search strategies into three I’s – Ideas, Initiative and Individuality. Each one brings an essential component to the perfect job search. Let’s go through each “I” in more detail:


Any successful job search starts with an idea of what you want to do. Yes, you can aimlessly apply to various advertised jobs hoping that one gets you an interview. More realistically, before you begin the job search you should take some time to do some soul-searching. In an ideal world what kind of job would you like to have? Doing some research, talking to others, and thinking about those tasks you enjoy doing are important steps to building the ‘ideas’ of what you want to do.


Finding a job is hard work. Showing initiative is an important trait that can benefit all of us in many ways, however, it is especially crucial in the job search. Employers are not going to come looking for you. What is your job search strategy? What things are you going to do to get noticed by an employer? There is no easy way to land a fulfilling job. It involves a lot of perseverance and dedication. Showing initiative every step of the way will help you seal the deal.


How are you going to separate yourself from other job seekers? What individual qualities and skills do you possess that when combined can make you stand out from your fellow candidates? Start by going through your resume and looking for key areas that may not be on everyone else’s resume. For example, your academic degree alone may not be different from others, however, combine that with another language you speak, along with specific interests that you have highlighted and voila! All these areas combined are what you want to showcase, as they will help get you noticed.

Next time you think about success in the job search, remember “I, I, I” – ideas, initiative and individuality. All of these strategies are essential to help you come out on top when looking for work.

Kevin Makra is the President of Sentor Media Inc., and founder of DirectoryOfCareers.ca. He can be reached at kmakra@sentormedia.com.